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Our Process

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Our Process - What We Do

Our process is eipic!, a simple system to help achieve big results.

Confidence & Clarity C o a c h I m p l e m e n t P l a n I d e n t i f y E d u c a t e


Guide & Mentor

  • Ongoing Service
  • Life & Goal Updates
  • Introductions


Take Action

  • Decide
  • Commit
  • Initiate


Analyze & Recommend

  • Identify Needs
  • Recommend Solutions
  • Solve Problems


Discover & Fact Find

  • About us / About you
  • Expectations
  • The IBP Model™


Learn & Understand

  • Awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Application

Each piece of the model works in tandem, optimizing your entire financial position, making the integration simple and uncomplicated. We designed this process to help deliver financial security and peace of mind.

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