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Our Model - How We Implement

Payroll Integration

Using technology to simplify the complex day to day administration of your company sponsored retirement plan.

Fiduciary Services 3(21) & 3(38)

Our advisors serve as 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciaries, providing expertise, peace of mind, and potential liability mitigation.

Participant Outcomes

We design, customize, and manage your plan to help your participants reach their retirement goals.

Financial Position

We use a unique model for managing personal finance, which turns the financial junk drawer into an organized and cohesive system. View your entire financial world in a single glance, gaining confidence and clarity.

Accumulation & Decumulation

Creating wealth is only half the battle. Ensure you keep as much as possible with our innovative distribution strategies.


We aspire to align you with the best insurance solutions to protect your wellbeing, assets, and legacy.

Executive Financial Planning

Employer sponsored fee based financial planning provides objective advice for key employees helping reduce financial stress and redirecting focus to their future.

Group Insurance

We build comprehensive and affordable group benefit programs.

Professional Compensation Programs

We model creative benefit packages that allow you to attract and retain top talent.

Who, Not How

Many business owners approach their personal and professional finances with “how”questions. “How should I allocate these funds? How should I structure my retirement plan? How do I deliver benefits to my employees? How much will I need?”

Managing your retirement plan, employee benefit programs, and finances can be daunting. You may have multiple advisors; however, we find no one coordinates them. This leads to frustration and wastes time.

Does it have to be that way?

What if instead of asking, “How can I do this?” you asked, “Who can do this for me?” The Integrity Benefit Partners’ philosophy has helped business owners and individuals free up thousands of hours to focus on the areas of their lives that matter most.

That is exactly why we developed the IBP Model™, to help entrepreneurial business owners achieve business and personal freedom and find peace of mind with financial solutions that support your vision.

It all begins by asking “Who, Not How?”

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

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Wealth Management

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