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The Value Maturity Index

The Value Maturity Index

November 01, 2022

Over the past five weeks, we've covered the process of understanding your business value. These five stages of value maturity ready businesses and business owners for an exit.

By completing the Value Maturity Index, you learn where you score in each segment of value maturity. Give yourself a score of six if you have fulfilled everything in a category and a score of one if you have done nothing at all in the segment. This one-to-six scale is referred to as “Common Sense Scoring.” It eliminates the option to rate your business as “average” by removing a middle option. Draw a line connecting each segment and shade in the area. The non-shaded area represents your area for improvement. Every 90 days complete this simple index to highlight how your value has grown.

See the links below for more information on each stage of the Business Value Maturity Process. For help identifying where your business stands on the Value Maturity Index, or for more information, contact

"It’s not just the value of your business you need to manage. You need to manage your personal value and personal financial net worth as well. If you actively manage value through the entire process, you emerge financially independent of your business, with lots of options when the time comes to exit, making the timing of that exit irrelevant.” - Chris Snider

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