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My Why

August 28, 2020

You might wonder why I chose my profession. When I finished college, I sold life insurance to make money until I could find work more suited to my passion. I was always attracted to healthcare and really wanted to work in medicine. I love helping people.

I had a great training manager, who introduced me to financial planning. In those days, the technology was emerging, and the products were limited. Nonetheless, I used what I learned with a young couple at one of our “kitchen-table” meetings. I recommended something very different than what they expected -they thought he needed much less insurance than I suggested, and gave me some push-back. I helped them understand my rationale, and they took my advice. Two years later, the wife called me and told me that her husband was dying from cancer. I delivered my first death-claim to her, a few months later.

Suddenly, I realized the significant impact that I had on these lives. I helped create enough wealth for this man to care for his young widow and family. I learned the value of good advice and committed myself to learning everything I could.

This experience made providing financial guidance and solutions my life’s purpose.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs, coming from all professions and industries. They are creating something bigger than themselves, are decisive and make things happen. Most struggle managing time, and I perceive my role as their guide -staying informed, helping them make good decisions, and delivering confidence and clarity.

Over the years I have met countless, good-intentioned advisors that did not survive the many challenges of running a successful business. Add the complexity of the products and strategies, and it creates a lack of trust. I realized that to fulfill my purpose, I needed an organization aligned around my core values of integrity, family, drive, and results. An organization that delivers a client experience that is friendly, prompt, reliable, and is focused on improving lives.

Today, financial products and strategies are ever changing, yet my role remains the same. I founded Integrity Benefit Partners to focus on simplifying your finances, making it easy for you to concentrate on the other important elements of life, and enjoy financial security.

I believe in my heart and soul that I can help you, whether it is your company’s retirement plan, managing your investments, or your financial and estate plan. If you think you are meant to work with me, let’s connect. I want to touch as many lives as I can in my lifetime.

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