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Key Members on Your Exit Planning Team

Key Members on Your Exit Planning Team

March 08, 2023

Who has a seat at the table?

Here we cover the key members of your exit planning team and their roles in the process.

Business Owner

  • 80-90% of an owner's wealth is locked in their business
  • Their ability to monetize this wealth impacts their financial security and lifestyle
  • They need a cross-functional transition team to assist their exit

Financial Advisor

  • They ask all the pertinent personal and financial questions to the owner
  • Instrumental in calculating an owner's Wealth Gap
  • Remain on the owner's team long after an exit


  • They are considered one of the owner's Most Trusted Advisors
  • They provide a diverse set of services, including tax preparation, financial statements, forensic accounting, auditing, and valuation


  • 61% of owners with a formal transition team in place include a business attorney
  • They provide legal advice on issues that impact the Four Intangible Capitals
  • They connect the owner to different types of legal counsel in personal or personal financial capacities

Growth Consultant

  • They are often referred to as a Value Advisor
  • They assess the personal, business, and financial goals of the owner throughout the exit
  • They manage the owner's business value

Board of Advisors

  • 91% of owners have a dedicated Board of Advisors
  • The Board of Advisors will provide the owner and their family with valuable advice from individuals with years of experience
  • They play a role on an owner's transition team but should not be an owner's only resource during their exit

Estate Planner

  • They help maximize the owner's wealth effectively while minimizing estate taxes
  • They are involved in the creation of the Will, and Trusts for the owner's children, and organizing charitable contributions
  • 33% of owners say an Estate Planner is on their transition team

M&A Advisor or Investment Banker

  • These advisors are typically used if the business owner is going to sell to a third party
  • They can also help their client raise money to purchase a business
  • They position the company for sale, including deal preparation, negotiating terms and price of the acquisition or merger, and arranging the sale of the company itself

Risk Advisor

  • They work with the owner to mitigate and manage risks in the business
  • These advisors provide general business liability insurance, cyber security insurance, key man insurance, and life insurance
  • They sometimes manage healthcare benefits for the company

Family Members and Family Business Advisor

  • Everything an owner does directly impacts their family and the families of their employees, partners, and vendors
  • 84% of owners state they meet with their family annually to discuss the business and 12% consider their spouse their most trusted advisors
  • A family council acts similarly to a business Board of Advisors and assists in managing disputes between the family and business

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