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From Successful to Significant: The Framework for a High-Value Business Transition

From Successful to Significant: The Framework for a High-Value Business Transition

July 29, 2022

I am excited to announce I have joined the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Community. This credential and the support of the Exit Planning Institute provide professional advisors with the content, tools, and training needed to holistically serve business owners’ needs as they prepare to successfully exit or transition their business. EPI president, Scott Snider, explains the value below.


I think many business owners in the United States of America would say they have successful companies. Many of them started out of their garages, backyard sheds, college dorm rooms, bedrooms, or even at their desks in school. They have grown these companies successfully for years. These businesses are seemingly attractive, have strong profit and loss statements and balance sheets, happy customers, engaged employees operating in a nice culture, and a great industry reputation. But when the business owners go to sell their company, they cannot or they do so for much less than what they thought it was worth.

Why? Because their company, although very attractive, was not ready to be sold. Although successful, their company was not significant.

In every business owner’s mind, there are typically three elements floating around. They have business goals and ambitions, personal goals and vision, and a personal financial plan that typically helps power all these goals. The question is, how do I get these all aligned so I can have both a successful and significant company and achieve my personal passions and goals for my life without my business? To answer this question, owners must prepare right now by utilizing Value Acceleration. This framework focuses on aligning all three elements equally. The owner’s business, personal, and financial goals. All three elements build upon each other, thus moving us from very successful business owners to very significant business owners.

This whitepaper dives into the Value Acceleration Methodology. A framework created by entrepreneur, advisor, and author, Chris Snider. Read in-depth interviews and discussions from Certified Exit Planning Advisors from different disciplines who have been trained inside of this methodology. These CEPAs represent business owners growing their businesses and looking to transition their companies. At the Exit Planning Institute, we teach these advisors how to help business owners grow value in their company, align their personal and financial goals, and take their businesses from successful to significant.

Scott Snider

President, Exit Planning Institue

© Exit Planning Institute

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing parts I - V of From Successful to Significant the Exit Planning Institute's framework for a High-Value Business Transition:

  1. Business, Personal, Financial: A Holistic Approach to Hight-Value Transitions
  2. What is Value Acceleration?
  3. The Discover Gate
  4. The Prepare Gate
  5. The Decide Gate

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